Office Furniture Installation

If you are moving into a new office or replacing your old office furniture with new ones, don’t strain your back going up those flight of stairs and call Smithson Office Installation Specialist to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our furniture installation service is here to provide business owners in Tucson, AZ a peace of mind when transferring heavy, oversized furniture to and from office buildings. Having you and your coworkers do all the work is tiring and time consuming. You work hard enough already, don’t overwork yourselves with unnecessary furniture installation when you can easily call us and we will gladly do the moving for you.

If you have a specific office design in mind, just direct us exactly where you want things and we will follow. Even if you don’t have a specific design plan we can provide some ideas of different office designs we have configured in the past, and you can choose which one suits your work environment best. If you have office cubicles, don’t even worry because we lend a helping hand with bringing in, setting up, and installing the furniture into these cubicles so you don’t have to lift a finger.

We are Tucson, AZ’s number one office furniture installation company, so call us today for excellent services!




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